Millions Against Medical Madness

Artist: Signe Wilkinson

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The goal of M.A.M.M. is to educate the public to the fact that true health is created naturally.

Millions Against Medical Madness provides information on Natural Alternatives to Surgery and Prescription drug use and the benefits of Natural Healthcare.

You will find information on the natural options to Pain management and the common medical use of Medication such as NSAIDS, Anti inflammatory drugs and painkillers.

Pain relief can be obtained and maintained through the use of natural painkillers.

Health is a natural state that can be reached and maintained with a holistic approach using Remedies, proper Nutrition and therapies such as Chiropractic, Herbs, Homeopathy, Acupuncture & supplements.

We also offer you information on the dangers of medicine, surgery, medical errors and side effects of drugs.

We welcome you and invite you to browse the articles and links within this informative site including the info on Natural Healthcare benefits.

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Health is the only true Wealth. BE RICH!

The world is facing an epidemic of mass proportion.

It is all to common today for the average person to experience high levels of physical and financial stress, to have a habit of consuming unhealthy foods and not receive the nutrients needed to sustain and replenish a healthy body.

Most people tend to rely on the medical industry to mask their symptoms instead of addressing the cause of the disease and taking preventative measures to keep themselves in optimum condition.

Prescription drugs and common medical practice are rapidly killing many of the misinformed.

From the increasingly deadly consequence of vaccinations in our newborns to the medicating and numbing of our youth.

From the pain killer addictions and drug caused depression of our adults, to the poisoning and overdosing of our elderly.

The time is now to empower yourself by researching the natural remedies and inexpensive alternatives readily available to the common everyday use of toxic prescription drugs and harmful medical procedures.

Prescription drugs can be just as harmful and deadly as any other threat to the mind and body.

Now that you have been told the truth, there is no excuse. The quality of your life and the welfare of your family is now in your hands. Learn to live and live well.



Q: How do I learn to “Live well”?

A: Get Educated and Take Action!

Health is Wealth – Wake Up and Listen!




Millions Against Medical Madness is a web site that provides information on Natural, Holistic and Alternative health care. We provide articles and info on the positive effects of Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Acupuncture Meridian Therapy, Reflexology, Massage, nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals, foods, diet, herbs and the differences in Holistic and Alternative medicine. M.A.M.M provides this information to educate the public on the alternatives to surgery, medication and the other therapies often prescribed by the medical community. We believe that Natural health care should be used as the primary form of health care for all.